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Manual Elevating Wheelchair


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Picture of NEW HEIGHTS ELECTRIC ELEVATING MANUAL WHEELCHAIR (MODEL 08 01 01A-D) The New Heights Electric Elevating Manual Wheelchair, model 08 01 01A-D, is designed for used by individuals with lower extremity amputations, lower extremity disabilities, and mobility disabilities. The wheelchair is designed as a general purpose utility wheelchair with the ability to temporarily elevate the seat from standard seated height to a height greater than that of a person standing. FRAME (HxLxW): 30 x 37 x 23-29 inches. The frame is available in a choice of colors and is collapsible for storage and transport. SEAT: This chair incorporates a scissor-type elevating system which is designed to provide stability in the elevated positon. The units are equipped with a seat belt and ankle strap to hold the operator in position and provide extra security for individuals with limited balance and motor control. The seat is available in 15, 16, 17, or 18 inches wide and the seat depth is 16 inches.The seat tilt is adjustable from zero to 15 degrees. The standard back height is 12 inches. An optional contoured high back rest is available. Custom seat depth or widths are also available. The maximum elevation height is 22.5 inches. CUSHIONS: Seat and back cushions are included. ARMRESTS: Removable armrests are standard. BRAKES: Wheel locks are standard and raised brake handles are available. WHEELS: The chair comes standard with wide flange, double wall, high performance rear wheel assemblies with black anodized aluminum push rims and a choice of tires. Optional black vinyl or foam coated push rims and X Core carbon fiber rear wheels are available. FOOTRESTS: Removable leg rests are standard. A footrest plate and custom leg/foot rest extension are available. OPTIONS: Vehicle locking system adapter. POWER: Uses two 12-volt rechargeable batteries. CAPACITY: 250 pounds. WEIGHT: 80 pounds. WARRANTY: Five-year manufacturer's warranty on all units purchased, to repair or replace any unit or component thereof, which fails or becomes unserviceable due to normal use. This warranty does not cover electrical components or wheels used in these products, as they are warrantied separately by their respective manufacturers.

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This product record was updated on July 17, 2013.

This product is available from:


Bromac Assistive Technology, a division of Brown Machine Works

57899 West Rhodes Avenue
Dateland, Arizona 85333
United States
Telephone: 623-256-3963.

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