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---"DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable individuals with communication disabilities to communicate using a single message. To make this device, open the YAK BAK 2 by removing the four screws on the back, including the one under the battery cover. Drill a hole in the front cover between the "Say" button and the red LED to insert the lead wires. Solder the two lead wires of the switch or switch jack to the two terminals on the inside circuit board by the arrows. One is on the tone control and the other is next to the support post. Put the two sides of the YAK BAK 2 back together and replace the screws. Record the appropriate message and use it as a switch-activated communication device. Up to four YAK BAK 2s can be placed in a plastic video cassette box for more expanded communication capabilities. MATERIALS: One YAK BAK 2 and one switch or switch jack with lead wires. TOOLS: Screwdriver, drill, and solder and soldering iron. SKILLS REQUIRED: Assembly and basic electronics skills. TITLE: Simple Communication Device. WEB SITE: TechConnect, Illinois Assistive Technology Project at . REF: Ten Dollar Tech Ideas. TechConnect, Illinois Assistive Technology Project, can also be contacted at 1 West Old State Capitol Plaza, Suite 100, Springfield, Illinois 62701; 800-852-5110 voice/TTY, IL only; 217-522-7985 voice; 217-522-9966 TTY; 217-522-8067 Fax.

Notes: This device was created by Patrick Meckley, Fox Developmental Center. ** Complete instructions are available from the TechConnect, Illinois Assistive Technology Project at . Click on Publications and then on Ten Dollar Tech Ideas.

This product record was updated on July 20, 2004.

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Record 924 of 1174.

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