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Magnetic Splint for Object Retrieval.     

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------- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Magnet attached to a universal cuff to enable a person with some arm movement but no grasp to retrieve objects (with bits of metal fastened to them) such as pencils, toothbrush, eating utensils or typing stick. A horseshoe magnet with 2 pound pull is encased in thermoplastic material and riveted to a wrist support fastened to a universal cuff. The pencil or utensil is then slipped into the holder of the universal cuff on the other hand. Provides instructions and photographs, and indications and contraindications for use. Aso gives instructions and photographs of utensil holders, one of plexiglass, one of plywood. COMMENTS: Device used succssfully by C-5 quadriplegics. SKILLS REQUIRED: Plastics. Metalworking. Assembly. AUTHOR: Mildenberger, L A TITLE: Magnetic Splint for Object Retrieval JOURNAL: American Journal of Occupational Therapy REF: Vol 38 no 3, Mar 1984: p 195-197 PAGES (including cover): 3 1984.

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This product record was updated on July 27, 1996.

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Record 633 of 1174.

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