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Optical Character Recognition Program


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Picture of ACCESSIBILITY SUITE Accessibility Suite is a suite of computer access interfaces and functional applications that support reading and writing, designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision or learning disabilities. The suite is designed for use in schools, businesses, and other organizations to make workstations accessible to the largest number of users. It includes diverse software that provides support for the differing needs of students, employees, and others who find reading and writing a challenge. A floating toolbar has large or small icons for each installed program. The toolbar, which can be locked at the top of the screen, enables the user to change voice and speaking rates for all the programs from one location. Settings are saved in the user profile so that they follow the user's login. Software includes Universal Reader, a voice output program; Talking Checkbook, a voice output financial management program; Scan and Read Pro, a voice output optical character recognition (OCR) and audio file creation program; Ultimate Talking Dictionary, a voice output dictionary program; Complete Reading System, a reading machine program; Text Cloner Pro, an OCR program that can be used together with a screen reader program (not included); Scan and View, a video magnifier program; PDF Magic Pro, a program for converting PDF files to more accessible formats; Text To Audio, an audio file creation program; Talking Word Processor, voice output word processor program; E-Library—Volume 1, a digital book library; E-Text Reader, a voice output program; Premier Predictor Pro, a voice output word prediction program; and PDF Equalizer, a voice output program for PDF documents. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows XP or Vista operating system.

Notes: The manufacturer states that this product is not sold to individuals. It is sold only to schools and organizations. ** Pricing varies by number of licenses purchased: 1 to 9 copies, $399.95 per copy; 10 to 49 copies, $379.95 per copy; 50 to 100 copies, $359.95 per copy. ** A Network Edition is also available, costing $2999.95 for 1000 users or $5799.95 for 5000 users.

Price: 399.95.

This product record was updated on July 28, 2010.

This product is available from:


Premier Assistive Technology, Inc.

1309 N. William Street
Joliet, Illinois 60435
United States
Telephone: 815-927-7390.
Fax: 815-722-8802.

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Premier Assistive Canada Inc.

1240 Grand Lake Road
PO Box 875, STN A
Sydney, Nova Scotia B1P 6J4
Telephone: 902-482-4680.
Fax: 902-482-4681.

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