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Stroller Attachment for Wheelchair


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--- CUSTOM ADAPTATION --- PURPOSE: To design and build a removable device which would lock a pram (child's stroller) into position at the front of a wheelchair for a person with paraplegia. Several ideas were considered but the final solution involved lifting the back wheels of the pram off the ground and putting the weight on the front pram castors and the front wheelchair castors. Lightweight 16-millimeter square steel tubing was used to build a frame which clamps in place on both wheelchair and pram and can be removed easily. As the individual leans forward to hook the fame in place, she needs to hold her chair with one hand, so the frame had to be light enough and easily installed with one hand. Consequently, a T-shaped handle was included so the user could position the device without difficulty. As the pram was being used by both the individual and a person without disabilities, the arms which hooked onto the wheelchair had to be retractable so they would not protrude from the pram when it was detached from the wheelchair. A hinge was designed which enabled the arms to be pushed up out of the way. All hooks were padded to prevent scratching the wheelchair or pram. TITLE: Pushing a pram. JOURNAL: TAD Journal. REF: Volume 28, Number 4, December 2008: pp. 6-7. PAGES: 3. (including cover).

Notes: The TAD Journal is available in the collection of the National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC).

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Technical Aid to the Disabled (TAD)

TADNSW is a charity organisation that has the authority to fundraise. TAD uses volunteers dedicated to the design, construction and provision of aids for people with disabilities. Members of TAD provide a resource pool comprising a range of design, engineering, rehabilitation, computer, therapy and other professional and technical skills. Aids custom-designed by TAD volunteers are described in the TAD Journal.

Locked Bag 2008
Wentworthville, New South Wales 2145
Telephone: 011-61-2-9912-3400.
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