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Powered Wheelchair Controller Bracket

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  1. BRACKET TO HOLD POWER PACKS FOR WHEELCHAIRS --- CUSTOM ADAPTATION --- PURPOSE: To enable a controller for a power assist for a manual wheelchair to be attached to wheelchair push handles. The power assist units are suspended under the wheelchair seat and the controllers are attached to the wheelchair push handles with the included full-circle Bakelite clamp for access by caregivers.When the clamp did not fit over the rubber handgrips, a split metal clamp was designed. The top lock was macined of aluminum and threaded for bolts. The bottom...[More Information]

  2. MIDLINE JOYSTICK MOUNTING BRACKET Picture of MIDLINE JOYSTICK MOUNTING BRACKET The Midline Joystick Mounting Bracket is a powered wheelchair controller bracket designed for use by individuals with severe physical or neurological disabilities or spinal cord injury. This bracket enables the user to place a wheelchair joystick from the severe left or right to midline. This mounting bracket also allows the joystick to be flipped out of the way for transfers or when not in use....[More Information]

  3. MODIFICATIONS TO PROTECT A WHEELCHAIR -------- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adaptation to protect various parts of an electronic wheelchair for a child with right hemiplegia, vision impairment, and developmental delay. There were a number of fittings on the chair that needed attention and had been damaged by the child. The first issue was the control panel for the joystick, which had a thin film cover over the membrane touch buttons that set the direction and mode. The buttons didn’t work unless they w...[More Information]

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