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ISO 9999 - Subclass and Divisions

Click on any subclass or division to see the types of assistive products that are classified under that classification.

15 03 Assistive products for preparing food and drink

Assistive products for alarming, indicating, reminding and signaling, see 22 27 00.
Grip adapters and attachments, see 24 18 06.
Non-slip pads, see 24 27 06.
Machines and tools for use in the workplace, see 28 15 00.

15 03 03 Assistive products for weighing and measuring to prepare food and drink

Included are, e.g., kitchen scales, diet scales, measuring spoons and cups, cooking and meat thermometers, butter dividers, timers and liquid level indicators.
Measuring instruments, see 27 06 00.
Measuring instruments and equipment for the workplace, see 28 18 03.

15 03 06 Assistive products for cutting, chopping and dividing to prepare food and drink

Included are, e.g., slicing machines, knives, cutting boards, cheese slicers, egg dividers, egg slicers, onion holders and graters.
Machines for food preparation, see 15 03 15.

15 03 09 Assistive products for cleaning and peeling

Included are, e.g., potato brushes, potato peelers, (manual and electric), potato holders and coring knives.
Machines for food preparation, see 15 03 15.

15 03 12 Assistive products for baking

Included are, e.g., rolling pins, baking tins and baking dishes.
Machines for food preparation, see 15 03 15.

15 03 15 Machines for food preparation

Included are, e.g., food mixers, food processors, manual and electric egg beaters.
Machines for production and processing of commercial goods, see 28 15 09.

15 03 18 Assistive products for cooking and frying

Included are, e.g., cooking dishes, frying pans, egg boilers, coffee and tea makers, saucepan holders/handles, strainers, frying pan covers, vegetable baskets, egg rings, frying tongs, pans and kitchen utensils.

15 03 21 Cooking units

Devices for heating up food and drink.
Included are, e.g., cookers, ovens, microwave ovens and electric cooking plates.
Assistive products for serving food and drink, see 15 09 03.

15 03 24 Refrigerators and freezers

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