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ISO 9999 - Subclass and Divisions

Click on any subclass or division to see the types of assistive products that are classified under that classification.

22 24 Assistive products for telephoning and telematic messaging

22 24 03 Standard network telephones

Included are, e.g., stationary telephones with or without portable receivers, loudspeakers, visual telephones and videophones, telex and telefax machines, telephones with built-in warning signals, Internet telephones and tactile telephones.
Assistive products for hearing, see 22 06 00.

22 24 06 Telephones for mobile networks

Included are, e.g., car telephones and portable short-range telephones and hands-free models and camera-equipped models.

22 24 09 Text telephones

Included are, e.g., mobile text telephones and telephones with Braille input/output.

22 24 12 Telephone booths

22 24 15 Telephone answering machines

22 24 18 Telephone switchboards

Panels and boards of switches for controlling the operation of a telephone system.

22 24 21 Accessories for telephoning

Included are, e.g., connection units and signal transformers of an incoming message, keyboards for mobile pnones, number presentation assistive products, dialing, engaged and ring tone indicators, dialing assistive products, receiver holders and receiver amplifiers.
Assistive products for hearing, see 22 06 00.
Assistive products to assist or replace arm function, hand function, finger function or a combination of these functions, see 24 18 00.
Assistive products for fixation, see 24 27 00.

22 24 24 Telecommunication and telematics software

Software for verbal and visual communication between computers via a computer network.
Included are, e.g., Internet Protocol (IP) telephony or Voice Over IP (VOIP) software.
Face-to-face communication software, see 22 21 12.

22 24 27 Intercoms

Stand-alone electronic communications system intended to facilitate a limited or private dialogue between two or more people in different locations.
Assistive products for alarming, indicating, reminding and signaling, see 22 27 00.

22 24 30 Entry phones

Included are, e.g., door entry systems with integrated door openers and entry phone amplifiers.
Assistive products for alarming, indicating, reminding and signaling, see 22 27 00.

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