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ISO 9999 - Subclass and Divisions

Click on any subclass or division to see the types of assistive products that are classified under that classification.

28 09 Assistive products for hoisting and repositioning objects in the workplace

Hoists to transfer a person not seated in wheelchair into or out of a vehicle, see 12 12 15.
Assistive products for transferring a person seated in wheelchair into or out of a vehicle, see 12 12 18.
Assistive products for loading wheelchairs onto or into a vehicle, see 12 12 21.
Assistive products for transfer and turning, see 12 31 00.
Assistive products for lifting persons, see 12 36 00.
Assistive products for transporting objects in the workplace, see 28 06 00.
Assistive products to assist or replace arm function, hand function, finger function or a combination of these functions, see 24 18 00.

28 09 03 Cranes, tackles and load handling attachments

Manually operated or power-driven equipment with long brackets or with winders or pulleys and attachments for the horizontal and vertical transfer of cargo and other objects.
Included are, e.g., travelling crabs, rotary cranes, overhead cranes, chains, cables, ropes, hooks, pulleys.

28 09 06 Manipulators and weight balancers

Overhead or floor guided equipment enabling lifting, repositioning and depositing or balancing of cargo and other objects by means of horizontal, vertical and rotary movements.
Included are, e.g., remote controlled manipulators, spring tensions.

28 09 09 Lifting and positioning systems for workplace

Stationary, rotating-sliding or inclinable equipment to position or lift cargo and other objects in comfortable reach of the user.
Included are, e.g., lifting tables.
Stands, see 24 18 12.
Assistive products for positioning, see 24 24 00.

28 09 12 Lifting platforms for the workplace

Platforms for lifting and positioning a person to enable work activity on different levels.
Assistive products for vertical accessibility, see 18 30 00.

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