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AbleData's Publications

AbleData produces fact sheets and informed consumer guides to help you select various types of assistive products. We also make available other publications to help you better use the services that we offer.

All of our publications are available for free over the Web. All of the fact sheets and informed consumer guides are available in HTML by clicking on the title. Adobe Acrobat and text (.txt) files are usually offered in addition to HTML for many titles. If you are not able to use any of formats provided, please contact us so we can accommodate you.

Fact Sheets

ABLEDATA Fact Sheets discuss specific types of assistive technology in some detail. They describe components, accessories, applications, and often manufacturers.

Informed Consumer Guides

Informed Consumer Guides (ICGs) are more general than fact sheets. Instead of discussing the details of a certain type of assistive device, ICGs discuss broader issues relating to selection of assistive devices from a consumer's point of view.

Other ABLEDATA Publications

Other Publications

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