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SONICATOR (MODELS 705, 706, 710 & 720)    

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The Sonicator, models 705/706/710/720, are ultrasound units designed to treat both acute and chronic conditions for the relief of pain. All electrotherapeutic units come with an applicator, a mounting plate and instructions for correct and safe usage. Intensity levels differ for each unit, ranging from 5cm2 - 10cm2. Model 720 offers a choice of pencil style applicators differing in pulsating intensities. WEIGHT: Models 705 and 706 are 12 pounds. Models 710 and 720 are 13 pounds.

Price: Contact manufacturer.

This product record was updated on February 12, 2008.

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Mettler Electronics Corp.

1333 South Claudina Street
Anaheim, California 92805-9844
United States
Telephone: 800-854-9305 or 714-533-2221.
Fax: 714-635-7539.

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Distributor(s):, Inc.

4015 Avenida de la Plata
Unit 401
Oceanside, California 92056
United States
Telephone: 877-931-9693 or 760-450-0671.
Fax: 760-450-0675.

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