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ISO 9999 - Subclass and Divisions

Click on any subclass or division to see the types of assistive products that are classified under that classification.

09 54 Assistive products for sexual activities

Showers and shower units, see 09 33 09.
Back supports, see 18 10 03.
Seat cushions and underlays, see 18 10 06.
Beds, see 18 12 00.

09 54 03 Dummies for sexual activities

Imitations for training and assisting during sexual activities.
Included are, e.g., penis, vagina and whole-body (inflatable love doll) dummies.

09 54 06 Assistive products for erection

Vibrators and massage devices for sexual activity, see 09 54 09.

09 54 09 Vibrators and massage devices for sexual activity

Vibrating and pulsating devices used in massage or for sexual stimulation, orgasm, ejaculation and erection.

09 54 12 Assistive products for sexual habilitation and rehabilitation

Included are, e.g., devices for awareness of erogeneous zones and own sexuality.

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