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Picture of OMNIFER -------- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of duel-purpose cover for the Apple iPad™ that doubles as a Braille reader for individuals who are blind or have low vision. Designed by Jayson D’Alessandro for the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDEA) Awards, The Omnifer is an innovative cover for the iPad that transforms the iPad’s touch screen into Braille. The Omnifer is a light-weight three-panel flip design cover that allows users to switch between Braille mode and standard operation and provides additional protection to the back of the iPad when the Braille overlay is not in use. The Braille overlay is generated by gas pockets filled with a chemical that reacts by expanding when exposed to light. When the gas is in its expanded state, the Braille dot(s) rise. When the light source is extinguished, the dot lowers. In combination with an iPad application (or app), illuminated dots could be programed to appear in designated areas. The application allows text to be streamed automatically to Braille format. Forward and backward buttons are provided and the iPad can be operated as a standard Braille reader. Additionally, an area below the Braille display is left open for the user to interact with the touch display more freely. This allows this area to be used at the programmer’s discretion giving the project a universal range of uses. TITLE: Braille iPad. WEBSITE: Yanko Design. REF:

Notes: Designer: Jayson D’Alessandro. ** iPad is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

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