Advancements in Open Source Assistive Technologies

Open source software (OSS) positively impacts many large industries from healthcare to education—these effects are now being felt at the individual level as well. The speed of delivery and cost efficiency of OSS enables developers to provide multi-use, flexible and readily available software as opposed to proprietary options. OSS allows software developers to create assistive technologies using open source interfaces that directly improve the day-to-day lives of members of the special needs community or individuals who have physical disabilities.

Walk Aid Scooter


The Walk Aid Scooter is a lightweight, seated walking aid that is designed to take weight off lower extremities and thereby reduce back pressure.

So You Need an Accessible Vehicle. Where Do You Start?

Buying a new vehicle can be exciting, yet challenging – especially if you are buying your first conversion vehicle for yourself or a loved one with a mobility disability. Where do you start? AbleData’s Assistive Technology Specialist, Lesley Nesmith, spoke with Shelley Clark, a representative from a reputable mobility center, Total Mobility Services, to discover some helpful tips. Read highlights from their interview below.

Alimed Grip Utensils Set, Model 81424

Alimed Grip Utensils Set

Alimed Grip Utensils Set, Model 81424 are easy-to-grip utensils designed for use by individuals with fine motor and grasping disabilities associated with stroke, arthritis, traumatic brain injury and nerve injuries.  They feature textured handles.

Maddak Handy Cup, Model H745930007

Maddak Handy Cup

Maddak Handy Cup is designed for use by individuals with limited grasping and fine motor disabilities associated with arthritis, stroke or spinal cord injury.  It is a two-handled transparent cup with extra wide base which provides a secure grip and stabili

Maddak Eating Scooper Plate, Model F745350010

Maddak Eating Scooper Plate

Maddak Eating Scooper Plate features is designed for use by individuals with limited use of her their upper extremities as a result of stroke or traumatic brain injury.

Sticky Bowl, Model NC35203

Sticky Bowl

Sticky Bowl has been designed for chefs and people with fine motors disabilities  home use to secure bowls, plates and platters to a flat surface. This bowl has one side larger than the other to accommodate a larger range of bowl sizes.

Alimed Disposable Nosey Dual Cup, Model 83062

Alimed Disposable Nosey Dual Cup

Alimed Disposable Nosey Dual Cup features a disposable "chin neutral" cup which can be used as a regular cup when the client is ready. It has a perforated cutout that removes with just a twist.


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