Kinsman Telescoping Reacher

Kinsman Telescoping Reacher

Kinsman Telescoping Reacher is designed for individuals with upper extremity or mobility disabilities. Reachers help users grasp items from hard-to-reach places, both above and below the user. Kinsman Telescoping Reacher is an adjustable length reacher.

Carex Spoon and Fork Holder , Model EN37CRD

Carex Spoon and Fork Holder

Carex Spoon and Fork Holder are designed for people with  arthritis, or those with dexterity disabilities or weakened grip. Their design helps to create a larger surface for holding eating utensils and are easily removable to take along when eating.

IndeTools Deluxe Pocket Dresser, Model 565955

IndeTools Deluxe Pocket Dresser

IndeTools Deluxe Pocket Dresser is designed for use by individuals with limit fine motor and grasping disabilities associated with arthritis and nerve injuries. It is an ultimate multi-tool for portable dressing needs.

Kinsman EZ Grip Pen, Model 565955

Kinsman EZ Grip Pen

Kinsman EZ grip pen is designed to assist users with hands difficulties. People who have writing, fine motors, grasping or upper extreme disabilities can use the EZ grip pen to help them write. 

Prop-it 10 in 1 Table Top Easel, Model 81502483

Prop-it 10 in 1 Table Top Easel

Prop-it 10 in 1 Table Top Easel is designed to help children and people with cognitive and learning disabilities.

Loc8tor Plus Personal Locator System, Model 81433549

Loc8tor Plus Personal Locator System

Loc8tor Plus Personal Locator System is designed to assist with monitoring the location of children, pets and possessions when moved outside of the user-set boundary.

Emerson Large Display Talking Caller ID, Model EM-60

Emerson Large Display Talking Caller ID

Emerson Large Display Talking Caller ID is designed for low vision people. It displays the callers name and number with time, date, and total number of calls. It is a three line display with 60 name and number memory.


Everloc Hair Dryer Holder, Model EL-10204

Everloc Hair Dryer Holder

Everloc Hair Dryer Holder is designed for use with individuals with upper extremity disabilities. This device holds a hair dryer (not included) in position for drying or styling.

Classroom Or Home Scheduler, Model 3330

Classroom Or Home Scheduler
Classroom Or Home Scheduler is designed to display a customized schedule of daily activities. Mount the scheduler to the wall and attach the photographs or icons with VELCRO® brand (included). A moveable arrow identifies the activity in progress.


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